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Carbon Film for parquet

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Electric underfloor heating with Carbon Film is a modern and efficient method of heating, used in case of dry floor: laminate flooring, solid wood flooring, carpet, PVC.
Thanks to NANO technology, infrared heating system, Carbon Film also has the following advantages: sustainability in time, ease of use and security.
The film is the brand Daewoo, Korea, with specific power 220W\/m2, with a thickness of only 0.35 mm and is certified according to the European standards in force.
Specific electric underfloor heating with Carbon Film is little consumption, due to the position and dimensions of the heater element. Basically, in this case the entire floor Gets a giant radiator. Here give a uniform distribution of heat and superior to other energy efficiency heating systems.
The film's life span is estimated by the heater manufacturer at 50-100 years, the warranty is 10 years, basically it is equal to the lifetime of the floor below which was mounted. The maximum temperature is limited electronically to constructive values below 40 ° C, this temperature is below the value of floor thermal degradation.
Uses: electric Underfloor Heating with Carbon Film is ideal for sports halls or other public institutions, historical monuments or buildings which do not support modification of existing housing thickness defections improvement, offices, shops, bars, restaurants, etc. In the case of buildings with high internal height (e.g., churches, sports halls, warehouses) results in energy savings are considerable.
Variations can be achieved by mounting the heater covorasului heater under carpeting, rugs, synthetic or plastic. I have done this kind of work for churches and town halls.
Temperature ambient temperature floor and are monitored by the thermostats, reliable and performant, some models with functions of monitoring the overheating flooring.
By eliminating the radiators and other heaters with mounting elements apparently disappear, storage areas, increases usable area of the room, you can make the furniture rearanjari without any restrictions.
Electric underfloor heating can be used as a main source of heat or to supplement the heat requirement, as well as auxiliary source.
Considering the electric warming floor, as well as the main source of heat for a room with normal insulation is sufficient to cover a floor of 50-60%. The duration of operation of the installation is about 20% of 24 hours, the rest of the time the plant is stopped without consuming energy.
If underfloor heating is complementary to other sources of heat, enough already, is a coverage of 10% up to 20%.
To avoid loss of energy through the Foundation or through the floor, it is mandatory to mount a insulating material between the heater and the Foundation, floor, respectively. Also it is recommended to insulate the floor, walls, using a perimeter insulating tapes. Insulating material may be extruded polystyrene or high density sponge, or other insulating material thick enough to support the floor and furniture.
 In the case of construction or timber frame these precautions are no longer needed, wood is by its nature a good thermal insulator.
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