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Carbon foil / radiant foil 0.5 x 6.0 m

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Product Name: Carbon foil / radiant foil 0.5 x 6.0 m
- width (m): 0.50
- length (m): 6.00
- area (sqm): 3.00
Specific power: 220 W/sqm
Total power: 660 W
Power supply: 220V - 240V
Mounting included: No;
Thermostat included: No;

Lifetime of the film heater is estimated by the manufacturer in 50-100 years, the warranty is for 10 years, is practically equal to the lifetime of the floor under which it was installed. Maximum temperature of the film is limited constructive and electronic to below 40 ° C, the temperature is below the thermal degradation of the floor.
Carbon film heating system heats the room evenly and efficiently. Heating starts at the floor in order to reduce energy consumption. In contrast the conventional systems heat the room starting with the top, forming thermal layers that lead to heat loss.


• Reduce energy costs by 20% Installation costs are lower compared to a traditional system
Long life
• No maintenance costs
Quick installation
• Beneficial to the human body because of the effects of infrared rays that create negative ions
• Ideal for any location
Create superior comfort compared to conventional heating systems
Adjustable temperature on each camera
Does not absorb humidity and does not create
• Do not retain bacteria, odors and dirt
Significantly reduces installation time compared to other heating systems
• Can be removed and remounted in other locations
• Do not create noise and has no fire risk (temp. Max. 40 ° C)
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