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Deicing is the process of elimination of frost or ice layers formed on certain surfaces in winter or when the temperature is low.

Deicing is done by mechanical methods (scraping, pushing) by applying heat (defrosting by means of cables, installation of electrical heaters) through the use of liquid or solid substances that decrease the freezing of water level (various salts, alcohols, glycols) or a combination of these three techniques.

Currently, de-icing roads access (parking lots, alleys, pavements, staircases, horses running, loading platforms and bridges) can be made all through the installation of electrical wiring. They are installed under the asphalt or concrete, being invisible and effective.

In the case of deicing roofs and gutters, electric heat cables are used and the temperature is set manually or automatically via a thermostat.

The cables are attached to the roof or gutters, in places where there is a danger of ice or snow, with fixing clamps. In general, the power required for the installed roof is 250 W\/m². To prevent the formation of ice, the cables should be installed heaters in the underside of the roof. Installation of cables for roof heaters is generally supported by a system of gutters.

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