NC 50 Electrical Heating Carpet

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Nano Carpet is an electrical heating carpet.

Technical characteristics Nano Carpet:

Product Name: Nano Carpet NC 50;
Size: 550*820 mm;
Colour: Anthracite (gray);
Power Cable Included: Yes, length 2 lm with flat plug and on / off button;
Power supply: 220V - 240V and 50/60 Hz;
Radiation temperature: 38-42 degrees Celsius;
Average consumption: 80 W / h.

This type of electric heating carpet provides comfortable warmth, quick and efficient, with a high output with low energy consumption. With two sides, Nano Carpet is resistant to wear and humidity, being rubberized on the inside. Carpet can be successfully used both indoor and outdoor environment.

Carpet Nano applications are numerous, being limited only by imagination. Below we offer a few examples of this revolutionary product usability:



  • Electric heating carpet for dry shoes;
  • Electric heating carpet for bathrooms, offices, work rooms, recreational facilities, etc.
  • Electric heating carpet for dogs, cats or other pets;
  • Electric heating carpet anti snow at the entrance of restaurants, bars, hotels, office buildings, theaters, shops. showrooms, e.t.c.



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