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Infrared Heating Lamps

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For the heating of large spaces from buildings that run intermittent activity or are only partially filled the infrared Heating Lamps IRC (Infrared Radiation Short) represent a particularly cost-effective solution.
The functioning of this type of Infrared Heating Lamps provide excellent thermal comfort, limiting it only to surfaces and the periods in which heating is required, such as infrared radiation is the most efficient solution for heating thermal comfort is ensured since exclusively by radiation, without attempting to heat the air in the rest of the building. The air temperature does not increase and there is no heat loss. The electricity consumption of these Infrared Heating Lamps are thus adapted to the necessities and costs are substantially reduced.

In addition, a rational distribution of the radiant panels inside that space, so that to be ensured optimal mix of heat fluxes, providing an ideal thermal comfort.

Applications of Infrared Heating Fixtures with IRC:

• industrial: industrial environment, the challenge is often in warm buildings open to the outside or warm a few isolated workstations in a large volume, all of this rationing energy consumption;

• Gyms: In terms of sports halls, which complicate the enforcement of a heating system is the degree of thermal insulation of the building. Traditional heating systems (air or convection) are not suitable because in this kind of heat losses are very large;

• Churches: the challenge in terms of heating is able to ensure a good level of thermal comfort for a short term (1-2 hours), occasionally and taking into account the volume and contrângerile of very important building height;
• Intermittent activity areas;
• Terraces, covered outdoor spaces;
• See other examples in the portfolio.
Advantages and benefits of lamps with Infrared offers a technological solution with unparalleled qualities:

 • a instant warmth and focused Without pre heating, thermal comfort provided through infrared radiation is felt immediately. Provides the ability to heat the isolated areas, only where it is necessary for the desired period. The lamps have a direct and accurate guidance to the ariiile who want to be heated. 
• Comfort without generating air currents, the infrared radiation heating is perfectly noiseless.
• No maintenance once installed, electric infrared radiant panels do not require any special attention.
• Savings Of operating costs very low, infrared radiant panels provide a quick payback of the investment. Temperature regulation is needed.
• Efficient and economical heating cost reduction up to 60% compared to other systems, over 95% of the electricity consumed is converted into heat. There is no heat loss as to other systems (requires no pumps, pipes or fuel tanks) and are safe in operation. Efficiency of fixtures in the infrared is not influenced by wind speed in their radius of action.
• Simple and fast Installation mounted on the ceiling or on the wall. For mobility, it may fix the metal supports. It does not require approvals or elaboration of the project. Once installed, does not require periodical maintenance or spare parts. Heating with infrared Lamps is perfectly noiseless.
• Environmentally friendly and healthy there toxic waste, CO2, particulate matter does not emit smoke, smell, do not generate currents of air to coach dust, bring important benefits on your health, do not consume oxygen.

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