Infrared lamp 2000 W

Soleado Reglette Infrared Lamp 2000 W Silver

Price ( Final purchase price ):
133904 RON
Product code
Price starting from : 200-300 euro
: 10 - 14 mp
filtrul2BBB : 1500 - 2000 W

Product name: Soleado Reglette Infrared Lamp 2000 W Silver
Protection class: IP 65;
Heating stages: 1;
Heated area: 10-12 sqm;
For use indoors or outside, weather resistance. It has a metal protective grille.
Size: 650*125*95 mm;
Weight: 3 kg;
Color: silver;
Mounting: on wall, ceiling or stand. The unit is supplied with a wall bracket orientable up / down and left / right;
Cord Included: Yes, length 5 lm;
Power supply: 220V - 240V
Maximum power: 2000 W;
Fuel consumption: 1.50 kWh / hour.
Warranty: 24 months and 12 months for the bulb unit;


Room thermostat: optional.
We can supply the variant type outlet thermostat of 16.

Soleado Reglette Infrared Lamp 2000 W Silver ensures powerful instant heating in areas with high volume of air, open spaces and outdoor.
It is weather resistant, with a very high degree of insulation and protection, IP 65, this means that infrared lamp Soleado Reglette 2000 W Silver is totally protected against dust and against water jets projected in any direction.
Industrial infrared lamps are ideal for heating efficiency of any large space or outdoor spaces:
  •      industrial buildings;
  •      car washes;
  •      pools;
  •      fitness centers and SPA;
  •      markets;
  •      waiting rooms;
  •      stations;
  •      temporary activity spaces.


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