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Isolair Reflect Heat reflective foil

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RECOMMENDED behind radiators to accelerate EFFICIENCY OF HEATING

Product Details

Isolair Reflect Heat is a reflective foil of thermal radiation that is recommended to be mounted behind the radiator in order to raise efficiency heating and automatically decrease consumption:
  •  reflects thermal radiation directed toward the wall behind the radiator, thus reducing the heating of the wall;
  •   It contains no harmful materials;
  •   CFC-free technology;
  •   You save money on heating (if you have central) or increase the temperature and comfort if you have the block heaters; one square meter of foil Isolair Reflect Heat allows you to save 60 cubic meters of methane gas on season.

Isolair Thermo is a compound thermo-refractory, semi-rigid, because the composition and quality of production, achieve exceptional results in terms of radiation, convection, conduction and hygrometry.

Isolair Thermo insulation is used for replacing hydro-acoustic glass wool or wool, extruded polystyrene or foam, sandwich panel, or other mass insulation , both in new buildings and in the renovation or rehabilitation in heat.

Thermo Isolair is obtained by heat-sealing of the following elements:

a. 2 layers of aluminum 99.9%, reflecting the radiation power of 97%, total air and water tightness.

b. polyethylene microfilm with dry air bubble, fire proof, free convection, lower conduction,  layers of individual compressed air that insulates differences in temperature, preventing condensation resulting in energy savings.

Isolair Thermo is an reflective insulation based on dry air bubbles as thermal insulator and pure aluminum as reflective.

Roll size is 0.50x5 m thickness of 7 mm.

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