Mirror Demister Heating Pad CLEAR MIRROR CM 75 W - 75 X 50 cm

Mirror Demister Heating Pad CLEAR MIRROR CM 75 W - 75 X 50 cm

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Foil demisting CLEAR MIRROR to mirror is a technological advanced solution, permanent safe and simple being designed specifically to prevent condensation on the mirror surface is ideal for bathrooms.

Steam-free mirrors

10 reasons to invest in a mirror with demisting                                                          

1. have a clear mirror in which you can look whenever you want;
2. work quickly: the mirror is desteaming in 2-3 minutes;
3. cheap and maintenance costs;
4. thin and attractive design;
5. reliable and uniform heating;
6. effective heating and low consumption;
7. water proof against moisture;
8. easy installation;
9. mirror heating sheet is hidden from view;
10.10-year warranty;

Bathroom mirrors tend to steam just when you need them! Very small mirrors in particularare steaming  even when the room is well-ventilated. Even with a good ventilation, the combination of heat and humidity result in steamed mirrors that you can use.
There is an effective solution for this problem and invisible. Install a mirror with demisting and shave or make-up yourself when you want without worrying that the bathroom mirror will steam at any time! Demist the mirror and you can look into it immediately after showering every time!

What is a demisting mirror ?
Is a mirror with heater heats up easy and gentle enough to prevent aburirea. Effective heat is distributed evenly on the surface of a hidden heating sheet placed behind the mirror.

How does a mirror with the demisting?
A mirror with demisting works using a low-sheets 230 volts. Thin sheet is stuck to the bathroom mirror back. Once attached to the mirror you will no longer have steam in the area where the foil is attached. Foil demisting system is resistant to moisture, vibration, shock, dust and aging. Our mist free heated mirrors are effective and resilient and for your peace of mind the warranty is 10 years old!

How easy it is to install a mirror with the defroster?
Foil demisting systems stick on the back of any standard mirrors. The mirror is normally connected to the existing lighting system in the room or the fan. Just turn on the light or the fan and your mirror heats up automatically to maintain st

Desteam mirror in 3 easy steps:

• because it sticks on the back of the mirror the demisting system it is extremely easy to install;
• connect the foil from the electrical system by using the provided cable kit;
• put mirror on the wall and enjoy a clear reflection, without steam.

How long does it take to desteam the mirror?
A foil heater will heat the mirror enough to prevent steaming or can desteam mirror within 2-3 minutes after it is started.

How big can be foil heater that you can install in the bathroom?
You can install a sheet almost as much as the size of the mirror, or just how to frame the face-everything depends only on you. Foil demisting system must be at least 50 mm smaller in width and length than the mirror which will be attached.

Can I attach more than one heating foils on a mirror?
Two sheets can be attached on the back of a mirror. They must be brought together to work as one foil and connected in parallel to the electricity by an electrician.
There are 4 variations of this product:

• foil mirror CM 25 W – 25x50 cm, has a consumer about 0.5 kW per month;
• mirror foil CM 50 W-50x50cm, has a consumer about 1 kW per month;
• foil mirror CM 75 W-75x50 cm, has a roughly 1.5 kW per month;
• mirror 100 CM foil W-100x50 cm, has a consumer about 2 kW per month;
Other sizes than those shown above can be made to order. Sizes can be multiple of 50 cm wide and 25 cm for multiple length.

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