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Radiant Panels - Nuovo Tovago white

Price ( Final purchase price ):
271197 RON
Product code
filtrul2BBB : optiune1bbb
: 0 - 6 mp
Price starting from : 600-700 euro

Product name: Nuovo Tovago Thermal Plasma - white
Model: Electronic;
Remote Controller: Yes;
Speed heating: 4;
Heated area: 5-6 sqm;
Heated surfaces are indicative and are calculated for a height of 2.5 m maximum room and a very good thermal insulation.
Radiation temperature: 80-120 degrees Celsius;
Panel size: 1200*400*40 mm; 

Weight: 11 kg;
Color: white;
Mounting: on the wall, mounting putty included (support + dowels + screws);
Power cable included: YES, length 2 m;
Power supply: 220V-240V;
Long-wave infrared: 4 to 14 microns;
Maximum power: 500 W;
Average consumption: 

  • Heating Stage 1 - 0.18 Kwh/hour;
  • Heating Stage 2 - 0.26 Kwh/hour;
  • Heating Stage 3 - 0.32 Kwh/hour;
  • Heating Stage 4 - 0.38 Kwh/hour.

The number of hours of operation may vary between 2-3 hours for apartments and 4-5 hours (24 hours) and depends on the degree of insulation of the room, the desired temperature in the room, outside temperature, etc.
To calculate the exact heat requirements taking into account the following elements for each room separately:

 • length\/width\/height (surface/volume);
• degree of isolation (determined according to the building materials and insulating material used);
• number of exterior walls of the room;
• the surface of the window\/doors on each outer wall and their quality;
• If it is a house or an apartment block;
• in the case of block apartments, is situated the apartment (ground floor, between floors or floor) and if the surrounding apartments are heated;
• the degree of insulation of the floor\/ceiling (if applicable);
• If it is heated the whole House or just some rooms;
• If it is permanent or occasional use of homes.

Ask our specialists a calculation of heat required for each room separately!
NANO Thermal plasmas can operate electronically controlled 4-speed heating and remote control feature. 4th gear ensure rapid heating of the house. After reaching the desired temperature, nano thermal plasma can be adjusted to a lower gear to maintain the temperature, or it will automatically start stage 2, which is the step of maintaining the temperature in economy mode.
All plasmas with electronic control programming are able to keep a power level over a period of 1-9 hours and stop after this period.

Attention! If electronically controlled nano thermal plasma is turned off (it is on standby) if a power failure, when power is restored it will automatically start stage 2 So if you want to completely stop functioning Nano Thermal Plasma electronically controlled it must disconnected from the power supply.
Ambient thermostat: OPTIONAL.
NANO Thermal Plasma is recommended to attach a ambient thermostat for regulating and maintaining the temperature in the room. In this case, the thermostat will interrupt the supply of electricity at fixed temperature. When the room temperature decreases in Thermal Plasma, NANO will restart in order to maintain the room temperature is equal to the temperature currently set (desired).
We put at your disposal the thermostat Socket 16 of the type: Thermostats-Thermostat-Socket-16-A-1031p.html

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