25A R6900 Thermostat

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28315 RON
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Product name: 25A R6900 Thermostat

Model: Big LCD screen

Possibility: only for heating equipment (underfloor heating, thermal plasma and radiant panels)

Dimensions: 86mm x 86mm x 13mm (H x W x T)

Weight: 220 grams

Voltage/frequency operation: AC220V ± 15%, 50/60 HZ

Resistive Load: 25 A

Operating temperature:5° C to  35° C

Measurement accuracy: +/-1 %

Temperature sensor: NTC;

It can be set: the maximum temperature of 35 ° C

Degree of protection: IP30;

The main advantage of R6900 thermostat 25 A is relatively large payload, 25 amps.

R6900 with dual control thermostat and two temperatures shown, using the advanced microcomputer control is used to control the room temperature by means of precision sensors, exterior and interior, and comparing with the previous set temperature, turn the heating, automatically retaining room temperature, regardless of the source of heat.

R6900 is a programmable thermostat 6 periods and temperatures daily cycles for 7 days, separately controlling the temperature of the air and heating the carbon film.

R6900 heating thermostat 25 A: dual control of temperature and control mode: When the temperature reaches the set value, the thermostat switches the heater automatically and protects the heat equipment, so working in a moderate environment and have long service life.
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