TR-TA ambient mechanical thermostat

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4107 RON
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Product: Ambient mechanical thermostat TR-TA
Applications: control of the air conditioning or the heating system of the room
The control of the temperature: 10-30 ° C
Max load: 16 A
Sensor Type: Gas sylphon
Dimensions: 80 x 80 x 43.5
Warranty: 24 monthsAmbient mechanical thermostat TR-TA, with a simple and modern design using for temperature control in the rooms, control electrical heating (infra panels, etc.), recirculation pumps and air conditioning installations.





One of the advantages of this thermostat TR-TA is that through  the change of the electrical connections, the heating function can be transformed according to the cooling.

Maximum load of ambient mechanical thermostat TR-TA, is 16 A, is equipped with switch ON - OFF and LED operation indicator. Warranty is 24 months.



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