TR8200 Touchscreen Thermostat 4.3

TR8200 Touchscreen Thermostat

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Product name: TR8200 Touchscreen Thermostat 4.3"

Model: Big digital screen 4.3"

Possibility: only for heating equipment (underfloor heating, thermal plasma and radiant panels)

Dimensions (cm): 12,7*9,6*1,9 ( L X l X h )

Display size: 55x96 mm

Weight: 200 grams

Voltage/frequency operation: 230 V AC\/ 50 Hz

Resistive Load: 16 A/ 3680 W

Task governorate (maximum): 2 Heater\/460 W

Operating temperature:-5 ° C + 45 ° C

Temperature measuring range: + 5 ° C + 35 ° C

Measurement accuracy: +/-1 ° C for +20 ° C

In: temperature sensor 1 x NTC10K

Out: 1 x relay switch (R1)

Operation RH: 0 ~ 95%(no condensation)

Temperature display resolution: 0.5 ° C;

Temperature sensor: NTC 10K;

It can be set: the maximum temperature of 35 ° C (internal sensor) to 90 ° C (external sensor);

Battery type: CR1220 (only used to maintain the clock);



Battery Life:> 5 years (10 years maximum);
Lifetime of backlight: 5000 hours;
Degree of protection: IP30;Useful Settings:





  • Holiday mode (freeze protection mode);



  • Select 24/12 hour clock format;
  • Switching differential setting;
  • Floor temperature limitation;
  • Hidden menu (press and hold the "OFF" button for 5 seconds in standby mode);

Comfort and convenience:



  •      intuitive menu;
  •      audio sounds to confirm touchscreen changes;
  •      permanent program retention during power loss;
  •      Enhanced security prevents manipulation of the touch screen, lock screen option;
  •      room temperature display can be recalibrated up to + / - 5 ° C;
  •      compact and thin;
  •      combination of three models of thermostat (air, floor, and air / floor);
  •      16A maximum current at 230 Vac;
  •      Holiday mode (frost protection temperature);
  •      possibility to change between Celsius and Fahrenheit;
  •      24h or 12h clock mode;
  •      separate calibration air temperature or floor temperature limit;
  •      Mount dose;






  •      choice between 7 days or 5 + 2 days;
  •      non-programmable (installer selectable);
  •      Programmable 4 comfort levels per day;
  •      pre-programmed or personalized schedule;
  •      energy savings up to 33%;
  •      Temperature resolution 0.5 ° C






  • Large 4.3-inch LCD touchscreen (touchscreen);
  • blue backlight for easy viewing;
  • Main button lighting;
  • large characters, easily readable;
  • Large tactile buttons;
  • easy navigation;

The main advantage of the thermostat TR8200 is that it allows raising the temperature of the room at high values, well above the usual 35 ° C. This can be achieved by hiding the menu.

Another important advantage of this thermostat is that it offers the possibility of combining the three patterns: A - only air F - only the floor AF - in which the air temperature can be controlled to limit the temperature of the floor.
TR8200 Thermostat improves comfort while keeping under control energy costs. The screen program allows you to customize settings with little effort. Advanced logic responds to your choices and schedule with minimum deviations temperature.
TR8200 thermostat saves energy with easy programming while you are away or sleeping.
7-day programming allows you to customize a temperature schedule every day of the week, with up to four time periods per day.

Instructions for use of the thermostat TR8200: Romanian / English Language



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