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Thermostat Socket 16 A

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Product name: Thermostat Socket 16

Model: Electronic

Possibility: both for heating and for cooling

Dimensions (cm): 11 * 6 * 8

Weight: 200 grams

Voltage/frequency operation: 230 V AC\/50 Hz (maximum)

Resistive Load: 16 A\/W

Task governorate (maximum): 2 Heater\/460 W

Operating temperature:-10 ° C + 70 ° C

Temperature measuring range: + 5 ° C + 30 ° C

Measurement accuracy: +\/-1 ° C

Measurement Period: 10 seconds

Can display: both in degrees C (Celsius) and ° F (Fahrenheit).

Instructions for use:

Tthe thermostat outlet facilitates very much as heating\/cooling device to date, no longer required the intervention of an electrician for installation of thermostat wire.
Plug the thermostat has an easy-to-use LCD screen, display parameters.
The thermostat Outlet point so the ambient temperature, and the temperature set by the user, which is intended to be maintained.
The thermostat outlet can also be used as a simple digital thermometer ambient room because it has a rechargable battery back-up.
«Download the battery indication appears on the screen, Lo (Low), the battery can recharge the Thermostat Outlet very easily by simply connecting to a power outlet.
To retain the status of operation (plug started), in case of power failure, the battery grip thermostat needs a load of not less than 60-90 minutes! This is necessary to be taken into account in cases where leave it unattended while heating\/cooling devices.
On first use, it is recommended to keep in power for 10 hours for a full charge of the battery.
Thermostat has no outlet and the role of the timer, this is not a phone thermostat outlet!
LED off means the thermostat off. Press the Power button to boot.
Red LED thermostat is turned on, but does not supply the appliance connected to it. the Green LED is switched on and the thermostat connected to it on, current can be supplied.
If the set temperature is below 2 degrees over the ambient temperature and the thermostat is switched on (power LED is red), the thermostat will turn the current supply of the warmed up in about 2 minutes (the LED becomes green).
The same thing is true when set temperature is 2 degrees over ambient temperature for starting the cooling device.
Default setting of the thermostat is for cooling air intake (the factory or when reset thermostat outlet). By pressing the Power button and pressing up, for 3 seconds, the change in heating operation mode.
In this case, warming in the rooms in which lives for a period, you can use a thermostat to maintain a lower temperature, thus achieving the savings!
It is not recommended to neincalzirea the list, this can lead to the appearance of rising damp!
Power thermostat supports 16 (AMPS), 3,6 KW and is recommended for intalatii of air conditioning, radiant panels in infrared heat in the infrared for friendly, for heating.
It is not recommended for fans and other appliances that do not have heating or cooling role!
Power thermostat is recommended for radiant panels in infrared, thermal infrared and plasmele in air conditioning.


We provide a warranty period of 24 months from the time of the sale. Post warranty services that are not generated by manufacturing problems or resulted from a mechanical or electrical fault error or after expiry of the warranty will be performed at an additional cost.

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