Waterproof Bag for Mobile Phones

Waterproof Bag for Mobile Phones

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Waterproof bag can be used to protect tablets up to 7 " eReader, eBook reader, camera, mini cameras, transceiver stations, Palm's, PDA's, iPod's, MP3 Players, car remotes, documents , money, small wallet with documents, etc.

Waterproof Bag Characteristics:

Product Name: Waterproof Bag for Mobile Phones;
Product Size:
165*100 mm;
The maximum size of the protected equipment:
140*75 mm;
Color: transparent;
Weight: 10 g;
Package contains: white cord and light blue color sealing system;
The product has an IP 68.

Waterproof bag provides protection against water, sand, dust, rain and snow. It is suitable for use at the beach, the sea, swimming pool, jacuzzi, sauna, spa bath and shallow waters. The product can be used on ski slopes.
Will float if it falls in water, as long as enough air inside the pouch is ensured.
Product material has UV protection so will not deteriorate and will not discolor from sun exposure.

With Waterproof bag Mini Tablet 7 " you can: talk, touch, listen to music, watch movies, read, surf the internet, photography / film, use the Bluetooth function, etc. So you can use your phone safely at full capacity.
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