Advantages and Benefits of Infrared heating

Advantages of  heating with Nano Thermal Plasms and infrared Radiant Panels

Thermal Nano Plasms and infrared Radiant Panels have a number of advantages over all other heating systems:
• quick, simple installation (on the ceiling or walls), with reduced costs;
• do not require approvals, drafting project, connection to the gas network;
• There is no heat loss as the classical systems (pipelines, central heatings);
• rapid heating without oxygen consumption;
• maintain a constant and optimal air moisture ;
• are hygienic, not train dust in rooms;
• Remove unpleasant odors (cigarettes smoke), only the Thermal Plasma;
• purify the air and water (ionising), only the Thermal Plasma;
• takes up less space compared to other systems;
• does not require a special room, airy, or fuel storage rooms, etc.;
• walls subsist dried, not dampness, mold;
• are aesthetic;
• are secure;
• requires no maintenance (periodical, spare parts, etc.);
• increased efficiency compared with other heating systems;
• clean, there are no toxic waste, nuisance, CO2;

Benefits with Friendly Thermal Warming and Radiant Panels on health:

• reducing blood pressure;
• better oxygenation of tissues;
• improves swallowing system;
• Preheat and remove fat and toxins from the blood and thus eases blood circulation;
• balances the level of acid in the body    •normalizes cholesterol levels;
• prevents bacteria growth and development in the body;
• the biological frequency of infrared radiation  stimulates the self-healing power of the body, strengthens the immune system when crosses the human body;
• maintains an optimum sleep environment         • anti aging effect, prolongs life;
• relaxes and reduces stress and its effects;
• improving allergies, asthma, rheumatism and menopausal symptoms                                                                                                                   

 • help plants and organisms to grow faster, used from newborns to grown ups.