Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

Purchasing products through website www.infra-nano.ro, www.panouri-radiant-infrarosu.com.ro and partners implies acceptance of terms and conditions set out below.

All exposures on this site are protected under Romanian Law No. 8/1996 concerning copyright and related rights.

Site content www.infra-nano.ro, www.panouri-radiant-infrarosu.com.ro and partners respectively images, text, files, graphics, icons, web graphics and other data are owned by INFRA NANO and protected by copyright law.

Any attempt to modify site content www.infra-nano.ro, www.panouri-radiant-infrarosu.com.ro and partners to affect server performance or access personal data of other users, will be considered attempted fraud and shall be punished as required by law by the competent authorities.

Images shown may suffer small differences to the products in the showroom as well as color, layout etc ...

INFRA NANO is obliged to inform the customer if the product ordered is not available and to cancel delivery of the order to repay the package value or payment made ​​in advance, within a period of 10 days.

The delivery term will be communicated to the order, according to the orders in progress.

If posting on the website www.infra-nano.ro, www.panouri-radiant-infrarosu.com.ro and partners, insults, sexual content, threatening statements or personal attacks, we reserve the right to block access to the website of these people in the future and to delete comments without any notice.

If database was mistyped some information on product such as its price and features, and the delivery was not made, our company may cancel delivery of product, and is required to notify the customer in the shortest time about the error.

Government Ordinance OG130 / 2000, individual customers have the right to cancel the purchase by giving notice in writing to the seller, without penalty and without giving any reason, within 10 working days from receiving the product, or if it are service provision period is 10 days from the date of signing the contract.

We will not accept return of equipment that:

- Were sent without written notice by post, fax or e-mail.

- Have mentioned the amount of cash on delivery on shipping label

- Not written on the package elements necessary to identify the returned product (invoice, recipient name and contact information, ID return)

Products will return on customer expense. The amount paid will be returned to customer within 30 days of the product returning request.

Products will be returned in original packaging with intact tags without any sign of deterioration, scratch or use, with the accompanying documents; if the product has the seal, it should not be opened and shall be returned unopened to the INFRA NANO.

Provision of services respectively products sold on site installation will be quantified in a consumer service contract between the two parties (seller / buyer).
Any dispute between Seller and Buyer will be resolved amicably. Failing amicable, it is for the competent courts.

  • We reserve the right to refuse to honor orders received online, where product prices are not listed right due to technical reasons, independent of our will; before ordering, if the listed price seems suspicious, please contact us by phone or email to check and confirm the price.